Malleetech history
Malleetech started as a co-operative breeding scheme in 1981 as a member of the Australian Merino
Society ( Jabuk Ram Breeding Co-operative). In 1988 breeders in S.A. formed a regional group,
Merinotech Mid North. In 1998 Malleetech went on its own breeding path using sires through Artificial
Insemination from Toland Poll & Seamour  Poll Merino Studs. The first AI program was conducted in 1984.

In recent years Sires have been used from Centreplus (2012), Anderson Poll (2015) and Billandri Poll
Sires used in these programs have created links to the merino industry enabling direct comparison
through "Sheep Genetics"  & "Merinoselect" -Australian Sheep Breeding Values (ASBV).
In 2002 Malleetech became involved in the Merino Validation Project where (besides collecting information
on wool fibre diameter, clean fleece weight &  body weight): pedigree , eye muscle depth & back fat results
were added to the equation. This has all led to increased accuracy of  selection in our breeding program.
We held our first helmsman auction in 2006 and believe this method of sharing our genetic gains combines
the benefits of a private selection with the competition of an auction without the pressure to make a quick
decision. 2010 saw 3 rams selected for sheep genomics trials where rams can be selected at young ages
linking pedigree information with DNA markers. This is all in early stages of development but has potential
to reduce generation intervals and to select for things early in life that can
't be measured until the animal is
older or in fact dead. Animals can now be selected for eating quality as soon as they are born!
Our s
heep ASBV's are fully comparable across studs & years across Australia!