ASBV's account for environmental effects like multiple births, age of
dam and age of animal. Information is used from relatives and
correlated traits. ASBV's tell you how a ram will breed, not just how
he looks. Link sires are used across Australia so that animals can be
compared on an equal basis taking in to account all the above
environmental effects. An ASBV from one stud is comparable to
another as long as it is an ASBV with an accuracy figure printed
beneath it. An EBV  is an estimated breeding value which only relates
to the animals on that particular property and cannot be compared.

ASBV' s also change with time as more information becomes available
and rams have their own progeny!

It is also possible to get Research Breeding Values (RBV's) from
animals as soon as they are born by collecting a blood sample and
doing a DNA test which gives a fairly good initial estimate of the
potential of the animal including things like eating quality,breech
wrinkle, poll/horn and parentage. This is done by isolating DNA
markers and comparing them with known results and associations with
the Information Nucleus Flock run by the Sheep Co-operative
Research Centre (CRC).

Malleetech has been involved in this research!
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